Tusbix - Solve the Ice Palace Maze (km)

Points : 7
Other rewards : adornment
Minimum level : none
Authors : Dcruze, Pequisto
Last modified : 20180228


Solve the Ice Palace Maze

First get to the entrance to the Ice Palace (2s, w from the starport). Then
enter the Ice Palace and you will be greeted by a Wise man. The task is as
follows, you need to navigate through a maze and find the exit before one
hour passes.

There is a torch you can use to provide some more light, and you can read the
note with instructions to learn how to navigate:

To navigate the Ice Palace Maze, use the following commands:

  789 | 'move <back/forward>'  -> 2 = <move back>, 8 = <move forward>
  456 | 'turn <left/right>'    -> 4 = <turn left>, 6 = <turn right>
  123 | <turn around>          -> 5 = <turn around>
  0   | 'strafe <left/right>'  -> 7 = <strafe left>, 9 = <strafe right>
      | <map>                  -> 0 = <map>

Your goal is to reach the exit before an hour passes.

The maze is fairly large (a 75x75 grid), but you can use the mini-map to
gradually map the whole thing and copy it down to grid paper so you can find
the route through.

Note that you have to move several times to traverse one grid, and to turn
around 360 degrees you have to turn 32 times in the same direction. You can
use <turn around> to conveniently turn around 180 degrees. It is recommended
to use the numeric keypad to play since you need to issue a lot of commands.

Once you get to the exit and walk through it, you will be rewarded with the 
mini, and if you manage to get through the maze fast (below 15 mins), you
will also get an adornment.
If you're impatient there is a map of the maze here.

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