Alderaan - Alderaan Theft

Points : 10
Other rewards : Holo-bracelet
Authors : Pval
Last change : Updated name
Last modified : 31/05/2021


  1. A fine Plutonium Key - search the chandeliers on the upper floor in the palace.
    From bays: s, enter palace, u, then w or e (chandeliers in both directions)
  2. Key of Knowledge on a chain - Kill the bookkeeper in the NE corner of the palace.
    From bays: s, enter palace, e, e, n, n
  3. Royal Insignia ring of Alderaan - Carried by Bail, but you'll have to kill the other npc's first (tough!)
  4. From bays: s, enter palace, n, n, kill bail and he will run away, sit throne, press button
    Note: To escape from the room you fall into, type 'up'!
  5. A cheap looking Pyrite Key - Sit on Bail's throne and press button, same spot as with Bail before. Key will be found in one of the corpses.
  6. A pink plastic key - kill the commander in the tunnels below the palace, go to the NW corner of the palace, open door, enter door and follow the tunnel. You'll find a Bothan first and you'll die (soft) unless you have killed Bail for his ring first, a reanimatic is to the east and the commander is 2 x north from the reanimatic.
    From bays: s, enter palace, w, w, n, n, open door, e, n, e, s (Bothan is here), e (reanimatic), n , n
    Note: The reason you might want to kill Bail in earlier step is because his ring will allow you past the bothan without being killed.
  7. Password, get the cereal box from nampi in the kitchen open it and you'll find a holodisk, play that in the projector and the 'sound' it makes is the password.
    From bays: s, enter palace, w, w, n, w, steal box from princess, open box, open package, e, s, e, e, e, s, insert disk, play disk

Diamond Carbide Key on a Gold Necklace - Carried by Grizwald, from bays he is 2w, 3s, climb mountains. He asks for 5 'items' and the key he's carrying doesn't work, so simply killing him, isn't an option.
- Royal Insignia Ring
- Key of Knowledge
- A pink plastic key
- A fine Plutonium Key
- A cheap looking Pyrite Key

Then 'ask grizwald to make key" and he ask you to 'whisper passord' which is the one from playing disk above.
Grizwald will then give you 'The Alderaani Treasury Key'.

Now return to castle and find the Royal Treasure chest.
From bays: s, enter palace, u, n, w. Then 'unlock chest with key' with the key Grizwald made.
The chest opens and you will get the holo-bracelet along with about 30k credits.

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