Honoghr is orbited by the Latem.

Honoghr is a large planet with a interesting areas. The two neighbouring villages south of the bays, the mountains to the west with bridge down to Noghri village, the wastelands and swamps north of bays. Out east in the wastelands you will find the entrance to another village, and there is also some talk about a king Terak located somewhere north in the wastelands.

If you happen to fall into the swamps, be careful! It can be confusing and some of the monsters auto attack. This also applies for the predators in the wastelands. Inside the mountain area there is a cave area. These caves have a strange directional system. Search around and you will find your way. Be careful though, you might fall into pits with Vornskrs and such which are capable of killing high level players. The Vornskrs give bonus hunts for pelt-hunters.

Even deeper inside the caves you can find a lake with a spirit that gives a very nice shield. All the way inside the caves you find an exit where an old Jedi master resides. He has a strange saber called the Lightment blade. Other nice armour is the shape shifter ring held by Charal, the evil witch located near king Terak. Charal also has a black stallion which might prove to be a worthwhile kill for pelt-hunters.

A few minis can be done on Honoghr.