Ladriz Heals

On this page you will find specifics on heals (drinks, food, drugs and other).  All directions are from the port unless noted.

Burcheles' Domain:  n, n, w, w, n, cafe

Name Price HPs Type
Milkshake 130 food
Rancor Steak 220 food
Stuffed Taurill 320 food
600 lb Wilk 590 food

Ather City tavern:  n, n, w, w, n, n, n, enter hatch, d, d, 7w, 5s, u, u, u, s, e, n

Name Price HPs Type
Pint of Ladrizian beer 13 drink
Ye Olde Vodka 54 drink
Politician's Purge 168 drink

New Tyneburg Triage Clinic: n, n, e, e, n, n, hospital

Name Price HPs Type
Ointment, bandaging (Treatment 1) 80
Stitches (Treatment 2) 160
Surgery (Treatment 3). 240
Major Surgery (Treatment 4) 320
Body cast (Treatment 5) 400

Eggert's Narcotics Menun, n, e, e, e, e, se, 5s, w, s

Name Price HPs Type
Nasaforte 85 drug
Lightspeed 165 drug
Miracle 'G' 325 drug
Herb's Herb 485 drug

Sullustan Natural Springs: n, n, w, w, n, n, n, enter hatch, d, d, 7w, s, s, s, s, springs

Like the Baku sauna the springs heal you at a faster rate and costs 4 credits per hitpoint needed to heal to enter

You read: Welcome to the Sullustan Natural Springs, to find
out the entrance fee, type 'cost'.

The Ladriz Chapel of Saints:  d, rent pod, pull 2, out, u, s, e, enter chapel

If you are intoxicated while inside the chapel, you will feel a feathery touch of some force and suddenly become completely sober. Make sure you bring some money, since it's not for free!

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