Ladriz - Find Eraser (ea)

Points : 5
Other rewards : A memory eraser
Static : no
Minimum level : Low (some minor killing)
Authors : Dcruze
Last change : Updated walkthrough
Last modified : 28/07/2019


From Ladriz bays, go 2n, 2w, n, w. Wait around in the cafe until Burcheles tells you a passcode. Then, go e, s, 2e, 2s, d, rent pod and pull 3. You will now travel to the Curdza district.

When you arrive, go out, up, 6s, and then press button to open the door to a lift. Go e, then <press b> and wait while the lift moves down to the basement. Then go w, and type the passcode.

Now go 4d, 4n, and <take screwdriver from table>, then read text.

I, Henry Solstice, am the last survivor of the nuclear destruction, caused
by the bunker computer, Celirion.

In this room the last peace conference, which was a complete success, was
held. Unfortunately, the bunker computer went mad and launched its missiles
at the Sullustan Federation, thus causing the nuclear holocaust.

The computer is still alive and has several nuclear missiles at its
disposal. I found out that the computer resides in the red area, but the
only door I could open was the blue one. It requires an aluminium rod as a
passcard and a code carried by one of the green robots.

I will go there now, but I write this note as a warning for others, in case
I don't return. Be careful, and may the Force be with you.

Go 2s, 2e, and kill the green robot. You will get a paper from him that contains a second passcode. Now go 2w, 2s and give screwdriver to biffle. Wait for a little bit and Biffle will give you an envelope.

Next, go 7s, open closet, enter closet, then get the aluminium rod. Then go 7n, e, and type the second passcode you got from the paper. Go 3e, s, 2e, 2s, then press plate. Wait until the door opens and then go west and search shelves. After a little bit you will find a memory eraser, which completes the mini.


The memory eraser will wipe the memory of any auto-pilot Mark I, which is a type of ship equipment.

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