Ladriz - Toftsman's Stick (hs)

Points : 4
Static : yes
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Pval, Synotix
Last change : Updated walkthrough
Last modified : 22/09/2020


Edenp Illok, the Sullustan toftsman in the Ather City sewers, has lost his walking stick. He is rather upset about the whole ordeal.

To get to him from the bays, go: d, rent pod, pull 1, out, u, n, d, 2n.

Edenp Illok says: Hello there, adventurer.
Edenp Illok says: I have a favor I need done,  if you can help.

Now simply <volunteer> and he will explain his predicament:

Edenp Illok says: Some nasty gangboy has stolen my walking stick.
Edenp Illok says: Get it back for me and I will reward you.
Edenp Illok says: Just bring it here and  for your reward.

Next, you need to get to Feech; go 2s, u, 2n, 2w, u. Feech tends to wander around, but you will find him here, or somewhere nearby. Now, <ask feech about stick> and he will tell you he wants 1,000 credits for it.

Feech says: Yeah, I do have one of those, it can be yours for a small
Feech says: price of 1,000 credits, just  if you want it.

To get the stick, you have to <pay feech>, simply killing him won't do the trick. Once you have it, go d, 2e, 2s, d, 2n to return to the toftsman. To give him the stick, type <return stick> to finish the mini. Congratulations!

Edenp looks at you very thankfully.
He says: You did a very nice thing for me, I must reward you.
He digs into his purse and hands you 400 credits.
You think gee thanks, considering you just paid 1,000 credits for it!
He wanders off into the sewers and disappears.

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