Magnanimous / Devaron - Please Xyros (ci)

Points : 20
Static : Yes
Minimum level : Medium, some killing
Authors : Dcruze
Last modified : 25/09/2018


There's a flicker of blue light and you hear a tapping... then a voice...
  "Is this thing working?, Ah yes it appears to be..."
The voice disappears and a holographic head appears in the light. It speaks to
you with a very commanding voice.

  "This is Admiral Xyros, Commander of the Imperial Forces on Devaron.
   I need your help, the damned Rebels, have caught us offguard! They have
   sent a force commanded by some pompous fool on the Magnanimous IV.
   I have sent various spies to infiltrate this ship and bring me back the
   plans for the final assault on Devaron. It has been days, I
   fear that my spies have failed. I need you to go in their stead and
   retrieve the plans. Bring them to me once you have them!"


Hyperjump to the Devaron system and board the Magnanimous. Then go d, e, n, and buy the card from the shop. Now go s, e, enter chute, e, 2s, 4e, n. Listen to what the Imperial spy has to say...

The spy whispers to you:  Excuse me.   Perhaps you can help me.  I was
sent on a mission  but got caught.  I am looking to  steal the  Rebels
Battle Plans for the Imperial Army. If you find them, take them to the
spy that is still loose aboard the Magnanimous.   I'm sure he would be
very grateful.

Next go 4w, 2s and kill the rebel soldier. Then go w, d, 2e, 3s, w. Kill the bounty hunter here and then <exa rebel>, <get rebel>. Now, <ask ambassador to follow me> and then backtrack to Sublevel 1: e, 3n, 2w, u, e, 4n, w, flip switch, 2w.

The FX-7 droid here will heal the ambassador who gratefully provides you with a clue...

The ambassador whispers to you:  Thanks for all of your help.  In return,
         I will tell you that I hid  the holodisc with  all of our battle
         plans in the home of the howlrunners.  Be careful retrieving it.

You scream: Medic!  FX-7 turns and sees the ambassador in poor shape.  It
rushes over, applys some self-adhesive bandages and whisks the ambassador
off to a bactatank.   It returns very shortly and without the ambassador.

Go back to Sublevel 3: 2e, enter chute, e, s, 4s, w, d, 2e, n, e. Look at the cages here, and then <move cages>. You will crawl into a secret tunnel. Go n, open door.

In this area you need to kill two howlrunners to be able to escape again. Go se, e, kill the howlrunners and loot their corpses for their claws. Search bones and get holodisc.

Now go w, nw, insert claw (x2), open door, door, s, out.

Go n, e and you will discover the corpse of a Rebel doctor. Next go 2w and you will see a scientist carrying a knife. This is the other spy. Give him the holodisc and he will tell you to go see Xyros on Devaron.

The scientist looks at the disc with alarm.
The scientist says: I have been looking for this.   Thank you for bringing it
                    to me.  Now take this to  Admiral Xyros.
The scientist updates the disc with the schematics of the Magnanimous and then
hands it to you along with an Imperial passcard.

This passcard will allow you to see Admiral Xyros, however the only way into
The Monolith is through the underground tunnels, the best way to gain access
to them is to fire as close to the Monolith as you can with the Magnanimous'
torpedoes. Now go and help save the Empire!

If you do not have negative alignment, you have to do as he says and fire a torpedo at the Monolith: go e, s, w, s, e, <load torpedo>, activate system, use viewer, view 2, confirm target, fire torpedo.

Get back to your ship: 3w, u, e, 4n, w, flip switch, 2w, u. Board your ship and land on Devaron, then go d, n, e, ne, 2e, ne, 2n, nw, ne, d, tunnel, e, n, w, open trap door, u, s, w, u, ne, u, se, u, and finally <give disc to xyros> to complete the mission... Congratulations!

Xyros looks at the disc with gleeful eyes.
Xyros says: Ah finally... I had heard rumours that my spies had failed me...
             Thankfully I was mistaken. Thank you.
             With these plans I can destroy the pitiful forces opposing me!

Admiral Xyros thanks you, again.

Xyros types a few commands into his console.
Xyros says: Excellent... now witness the destruction of the Rebel corvette
            orbiting this planet!

The skies are made bright as the planetary defense system fires into the darkness!

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