Triton / Mars - Total Recall (cf)

Points : 35
Static : Yes
Minimum level : Level 14 (some killing)
Authors : Fuzz, Dcruze
Last change : Updated walkthrough
Last modified : 21/10/2022


                         *** TOTAL RECALL ***

  Grand Moff Kaliz has opened an implant vacation agency, Total Recall.
  You can now have a vacation, without going through the hassle of packing.
  Be a secret agent and save Mars from the Cohaagen repression! You'll be
  a hero on Mars when you can activate a strange device, built by aliens,
  and supply free air for everyone!

  Be aware of the maze in the mines. The word is said, that many have not
  returned from the heavily guarded region. There might be no way back
  once you entered the mines, unless you are the true secret agent.

  All levels can do this mission, even if you will have to give your life
  for the inhabitants of Mars. Be prepared, or face the eyes of death.



From Triton bays: w, d, se, u, 3n, w, n. Sign in at the reception, then bay, sit in chair, select 1 (when prompted), and confirm (when prompted). You will slumber off and wake up inside a Johnny-Cab on Mars.

Now, get briefcase, get all from case, out. You're on the streets on Mars. Go, 2n, nw, w, 2s, and flash card. The hotel clerk will retrieve a small note for you. Read the note, and remember the name "Melina". There is also a code on the note that you will need later.

Press the button to call the elevator and wait for it to arrive, then enter, and <press 3>, when it arrives on the third floor, go out, e, n and you will find yourself in your hotel room. Wait for a little bit until you hear a knock on the door, and then <answer door>. Someone from the Total Recall agency will arrive and tell you none of this is real and offer you a pill that will let you return to reality. <ask someone for the pill> and you will get a capsule.

Now leave your room by going south, then w, press button, and when the elevator arrives, enter and <press 0>. When you get to the ground floor, go out, then 2n, e, se, 4s, sw, 2w, n, up. Then, <whisper melina>, and go north. Melina won't help you until you give her a backrub, so <give backrub to melina> and listen to what she has to say.

Melina groans happily and murmurs:
Ah, I *knew* you still had it, love.
 Kuato wants to see you.  He can help you unlock the secret inside
 your head, and release Mars from Cohaagen's oppression.
 So find our leader Kuato, and he'll unfold your destiny.
 But come back anytime, babe.  This feels good!
Melina smiles sensually at you and winks.

Go out, d, s, w, and <enter crack> to get to a secret room. Kuato will arrive and tell you to give him your hands, <give hands to kuato>.

You give your hands to Kuato.
Kuato whispers to you: Find the secret panel to the mines...
Kuato whispers to you: Go northwest, east, north, east, and north,
 but be careful!
Kuato whispers: Once in the mines... there's no way out!
Kuato whispers to you: A holo-bracelet could get you through the region...
Kuato says: Good luck, I hope you succeed!

Go out, e, n, and move table. Then <search wall> and <enter opening>. You are now inside the Pyramid Mine maze. You were given the directions to get through safely by Kuato; go nw, e, n, e, n.

There will now be quite a bit of fighting, so be ready for a fight. The direct path to the next area is n, sw, nw, n, but you have to take a bit of a detour first...

As suggested by Kuato, you should use your holo-bracelet in the fights to come, make sure you <charge holo> first with Force points, then <activate holo> to get a cool AC 100. This should make the fights very easy indeed.

You will have to kill all the Federal troopers in the guarded region before you can proceed. Refer to the map, so you can find all eight of them. The map can also be useful if you need to find your way back to heal. To reach all the troopers you can go n, nw, sw, 3se, ne, nw instead of taking the direct route mentioned above.

When they're all dead, get to the exit, and go n, 2e. There is another big fight in the room to the east. When you are ready, proceed there and fight Richter until he escapes to the platform. Before you follow him, make sure you are at full health, then <enter platform>.

Richter will push the button and you both will take the lift upwards. He will fight you, and hopefully you'll manage to get him down to low health before 40 seconds passes. If not, he will throw you off the platform and you will find yourself back at the bottom, almost dead.

When he's almost dead, he will fall off the ledge of the platform and almost drag you down with him. You will be stuck to him for a little while, but the platform will enter a narrow chute and chop his arms off. After that, you just have to wait until the platform reaches the top.

Go out, then east to the generator room. Cohaagen will be there and he will eventually drop a bomb, when he does, quickly type the number from the small note to disarm it. Then, <place hand in shape>, and the dome will crack and you will all be sucked out onto the frigid atmosphere on the surface of Mars!

Fortunately, you won't die since the generator will produce a breathable atmosphere. Cohaagen isn't that lucky, though. You can <climb down mountain> to retrieve his equipment.

After that, <swallow capsule> and you will find yourself back at the agency on Triton.

Congratulations! You saved Mars! (or did you?)

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