Prometheus - View History (jd)

Points : 7
Other rewards : Void Set Pieces
Static : No
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Dcruze
Last modified : 22/09/2018


WARNING: This mini can be extremely dangerous even with a single false move. Make sure you understand exactly what is needed before you start!

Get an SGLDI from Basin City and use it to find Baalt in the heart of the forest (10, -14). Next, drop everything you're carrying (you will lose it otherwise) and then <move boulder>.

Baalt says: So you want to see what is under the rock eh?

Baalt says: Below lies a cavern filled echo of the past...
Baalt says: An event that was so violent that it left a taint of itself,
Baalt says: a taint that can be seen throughout all time...almost real.
Baalt says: If you would live to see it, then heed my instructions well:
Baalt says: You must view each of the nine but once, but you must view each.
Baalt says: If you disturb the path you will die in the Pit of Despair.

Baalt says: If you do not want to descend, leave here now and do not return.

Baalt says: If you enter, leave your worldly items here or you'll lose them.

You have around 40 seconds before you automatically descend into the opening where the boulder was. If you have second thoughts, you can simply leave the room before then.

You will be transported to a random room inside a 3x3 grid haze area. Do NOT move before you've read Baalt's instructions as well as the description of the room - this takes careful planning. Even though you seemingly can move in all directions, that is not the case - and the long description will tell you exactly which exits are valid, which gives you a chance to pin point your location. For example if it says that you sense nothing in any other direction but east and south, you can conclude that you are located in the northwest corner.

The idea is to visit all the nine rooms in the 3x3 grid only once and end up in the room that Baalt tells you to when you first enter.

You will be thrown into the Pit of Despair (which contains up to a dozen Sith Spawn!) if you:

  • Visit the same room twice
  • Take a non-valid exit, marked as a dotted line on the map below (including diagonals)
  • Spend more than 4 minutes in a single room.
  • End up in a room other than the one Baalt told you to.
  • When you return to the area after having quit there before, you will be sent to the pit immediately!

If you're successful in doing this, you will get the following message from Baalt:

A voice in your head that sounds just like Baalt says: Woo, you did it!
  it continues:  Sit tight for a minute and you will return.

Now all you have to do is wait in the destination room (do not move!) for one minute and you will be transported back to the surface and rewarded with the mini. Congratulations!

Haze Map

As an example, if you begin in the NW room, and Baalt tells you to 'End near the Carthac or all is lost.', then you have to think of a route that visits all the rooms (once) and ends up in the center room. In this case, there are two alternatives, one being going 2e, 2s, 2w, n, and finally east to reach the destination room.

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