Wayland - Tantiss Treasure (ir)

Points : 6
Other rewards : Ancient Jedi Lightsaber
Authors : Pval, Dcruze
Last change : Updated guide
Last modified : 29/03/2021


The first part of this mini is identical to the Clone Wars mission: First enter Mount Tantiss, then locate the standard Imperial access card. Then, from the ventilation control room: go e, enter lift, then 2d to level 7, out, e, kill the officer, punch <code> (from the standard card), and enter lift.

Go down to level 8, out, sw, s, e, exa walls, exa posts, exa post, exa catch. You notice you can pull a catch, so <pull catch> to enter a secret tunnel.

Go down to enter the Emperor's Secret Crypt, and then <push case> repeatedly to pick up as many lightsaber hilts as you can. The amount of hilts you will receive each reset is randomized, and you might even end up getting none. If that happens, or if you only get hilts that say 'This saber is permanently destroyed', try again later.

The chance of finding the good hilt during any given reset is about 1 in 3.

Once you have the good hilt that says 'This saber could potentially be repaired, if you could find a rare energy cell rectifier', you can proceed with the rest of the mini...

The next thing you have to do is kill a clone. From the secret crypt, go u, out, w, n, ne, enter lift, u, out, w, enter lift, u, out, 2e, 2ccw, kill the clone of the Emperor here, Paalpatine, and get his corpse. Now we can get the item we need to finish the mini.

Go 2cw, 2w, enter lift, u, out. Then e, enter lift, u, out, 2w, and kill the royal guard. Now go south, exa scanner, drop corpse, and <retscan corpse>. The turbolift in this room will open for a brief time, quickly enter lift, e, and attack the droid. When the droid dies, it will drop an Energy Synthesizer on the ground.

Pick up the energy synthesizer and use it to <repair saber>, and then <tune saber> to receive your saber and complete the mini. The saber you get is just a regular lightsaber with a customized description, nothing fancy.


To get back to bays from the droid, go w, lift, n, 2e, enter lift, d, out, 2w, enter shaft, out, d, s, se, s, e, ne, e, n, e.

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