Apok Darr - Judgement Day (bb)

Points : 40
Other rewards : adornment, express transport to Chayuuk Mountain
Static : No
Minimum level : 10
Authors : Trax, Dcruze
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Last modified : 07/08/2018


A hologram of a haggard looking general appears...

Good day, warrior!

I am general Jaro Vinh, Supreme Command Apok Darr Forces.
Our exhaustive war against the machines is nearly at an end. We
have broken through their defenses, and will soon achieve victory.
Negotiations with the Alliance have helped speed our progress,
providing humanitarian aid, and promising reconstructive assistance
after the war. However, something dreadful has just happened...

We have just learned that Nemisys is building a doomsday machine.
With defeat imminent, he will likely activate this weapon as soon
as defeat becomes inevitable. We need a brave warrior to penetrate
the Chayuuk complex and destroy Nemisys before the weapon is finished.

The life of an entire planet rests on you. Please seek me out and
join our cause...


First, you need to get to the Command Center to find Jaro Vinh. From bays, go: n, w, n, w, press button, enter car, press go. Wait for the transit car to dump you off, then go: u, n, u, out, w, nw, 3n, stare camera, 4d, e, nw, n.

Now, either <offer to aid vinh> or <offer to assist vinh>. The correct one is randomized, so just give both of them a try.

Gen. Vinh smiles with relief and says:  Finally some help!
Jaro Vinh looks at you.
Gen. Vinh says:  Well, we've discovered that Nemisys is testing
                   a new Aerial Predator Unit.
Gen. Vinh says:  We believe that this Aerial, the MK10, doesn't have
                   an active self-destruct mechanism.
Gen. Vinh says:  I need you to take this weapon, which has been especially
                   tuned to the EM frequencies of the MK10, and kill it.
Gen. Vinh says:  After you have killed the MK10, you need to find its
                   computer brain, and return it to TSgt. Nellis.
Gen. Vinh says:  Hopefully you possess the skills to remove the brain
                   without damaging its memory.
Jaro sighs: We must defeat Nemisys before the Doomsday device is complete!
Gen. Vinh says:  The information we hope to gain is vital to our efforts!
Gen. Vinh gives the plasma launcher to you.
Gen. Vinh says:  Good luck, soldier!

General Vinh wants you to find a Predator Unit and retrieve its brain. We'll eventually get to that, but first, we'll do things a bit out of order since it will make the mission much easier to finish; we'll make some bombs and get an elevator codekey first.

Go s, se, w, u, e, n. You'll be in the Explosives Lab with Sgt. Mal. Now, <ask mal for list> and he will give you a recipe for some plastique explosives. Examine the piece of paper, and note which kind of grenade he wants, it will be randomized:

This is actually some sort of recipe.

    - Naphthalene
    - Ammonia
    - Syrup

  Note:  For an extra punch, mix in some blasting powder from a RANDOMIZED grenade.

Go s, e, exa racks, get screwdriver. We'll need this to get to the computer brain later. Now go 2w, u, n, exa counter, grab bottle. You now have the bottle of ammonia. Next, head: s, 2u, 3s, door, search crates. This gives you the bottle of syrup. For the jar of naphthalene, go: out, n, e, d. You will be in a dark cellar with a bunch of beetles. The location of the jar is randomized, so search either the cabinet, boxes or shelves to find it.

Next is the grenade, from the cellar, go: u, w, s, se, e, enter, d, s, d, press button, enter car, press go. Wait for the ride to finish, then: e, s, e, d, n, 2d, 2se. Type <grenade list> and then <order> the grenade that's listed in the recipe.

Now, create some speedwalk aliases which will come in handy during the next part of the mission:

  • ach → u, n, u, out, w, nw, n, n, n, stare camera
  • hac → s, s, s, se, e, enter, d, s, d
  • hny → s, s, s, se, sw, s, s, s, w, w, w, s, s, s, s, s, s, s
  • nyh → n, n, n, n, n, n, n, e, e, e, n, n, n, ne, nw, n, n, n

The <ach> alias takes you from the deep pit where the transit car drops you off to the entrance of the Command Center, its reverse is the <hac> alias. The <hny> alias takes you from the entrance of the Command Center to outside of the Nyoprol building, and the <nyh> alias is its reverse.

Now go: 2nw, 2u, s, u, w, n, w, press button, enter car, press go. Wait until the car drops you off, then use your <ach> alias to get to the Command Center, go: 3d, e, n to get back to Mal. Give him the two bottles, the jar and the grenade and wait for him to create two Nitroglycerin bombs. Get all bomb, s, w, 3u to get back to the entrance. Use your <hny> alias to speedwalk to outside the Nyoprol building.

Before taking on the Predator Unit, we'll take a detour to pick up an elevator codekey, go: building, sw, 2s. Kill the droid here for the codekey, and then go: 2n, ne, out, w, wield launcher, and start attacking the Predator Unit. When it's dead: exa carcass, enter carcass, wield screwdriver, unscrew casing.

NOTE: Once you exit the carcass, you will be stalked by a RAD-101 Infiltrator droid! This is why it's preferable to get the bombs and codekey before killing the Predator Unit. Even if you kill the RAD-101, it doesn't help much, since Nemisys will just send another one after you. It can find you anywhere, but you will be safe in the Victory Base since it cannot follow you in the transit car...

Now go out. As advertised, the RAD-101 Infiltrator droid will be waiting for you, and you will be too scared to even move! Wait for a few seconds, and Maj. Kayl Vinh will arrive: <go with vinh>, and you'll end up in the Operations Center inside the Command Center. Maj. Vinh will leave you with Sgt. Nellis: <give brain to nellis>. He'll give you a helmet and a packet of orders from the general: wear helmet, read orders. Nellis tells you to go see Mal, but we've already completed that part and picked up the bombs...

You read through the packet:
    * * * * * OPERATION JUDGEMENT DAY * * * * *
   Nemisys is building a doomsday device that will destroy  all carbon based
molecules, meaning  life  itself.  They are bio-engineered micro-bots called
'Decatenates'. Nemisys  can't  use  the  device outright, since it also will
destroy most of the machines circuitry, lubricants, and  fuels.  But we fear
the device is being built to  be  used  if  the  defeat  of  the machines is
imminent. We must mount an assault to destroy Nemisys  as  soon as possible,
before  this  system  becomes  operational.  Previous  assaults  on  Chayuuk
Mountain have all failed. We believe that its security  system detects trace
radiation present in all Apoki citizens. Hence, our own soldiers cannot lead
this assault.                                                               

   Your mission is to infiltrate the Chayuuk  Mountain  Complex  and blow up
Nemisys, but be warned: Nemisys is throwing all of its forces  at  us to buy
time to build this device. You MUST  stay  connected  to  the planetary comm
system to receive further orders. In  the  event  that  the  Decatenates are
operational, we may need your help to destroy them.                         

AUTH:  JARO VINH, General, Supreme Commander Apok Darr Forces.

Next go: 2s, w, 3u and wait for the RAD-101 to show up. When it does, use your <hny> alias to speedwalk to the Nyoprol building. This puts some distance between you. Without wasting any time: building, press button and wait for the elevator to arrive. When it arrives: enter, slide codekey through reader, press -2. Wait for the elevator to travel to the subway floor, and then go out.

There are several transportation droids here: <mount droid>, and you will start the trip to the mountain. You are now safe from the RAD-101, since it cannot follow you to Chayuuk Mountain. Sit back and relax, the trip will take a couple of minutes.

When you arrive, go: n, 3ne, ignore the RAD-40 'Vindicator' in this room and continue east. Enter the barge here and wait for it to drop you off, then go: e, s, 2se, e and <swing chasm>.

Look at the map above, you need to find a room to the northwest or northeast that has cables for you to climb, it can be in any of the 'VERY narrow ledge' rooms. When you find it, <climb cables>, then <drop bomb>, <set bomb> to use one of your bombs here. We'll need the second one for later... Quickly go down so you don't get caught in the explosion.

Now hurry back to the barge, there is going to be another explosion in the reactor and you don't want to be on the wrong side of the ledge when that happens, since it will kill you! You have 90 seconds to get there, first go: sw, s, se, swing chasm.

Then: w, 2nw, n, w, enter barge. When the barge drops you off on the other side of the ledge, you are safe.

Now go: w, 2sw, se and wait for the countdown to finish. There may be some Rad-30 'Reapers' in the room to the southeast, but they will get destroyed soon enough.

Cpl. Dakuit ==> Hey!  The machines just exploded!
Sgt. Equaad ==> All regions report metal activity! Region Beta is Negative!!!
Sgt. Vantij ==> Region Gamma is Negative activity!
Maj. Auster ==> Region Alpha is Negative as well Sergeant.

Loud speakers bellow: Attention!  Attention!
                      The doomsday device has been activated!
                      Evacuate the planet immediately!
                      You have 10 minutes to comply!

Cpl. Dakuit ==> Absolutely sir! Metal is 100% inop in Delta!
Cpl. Dakuit ==> What the he||'s going on sir!?
Maj. Auster ==> Watch your radio discipline Corporal!
                We're querying that up right now.
Gen. Vinh ==> Attention all units, this is your commander, General Vinh.
              Our spec-for unit, led by <Player>, defeated Nemisys.
              Looks like the machines have self destructed.
TSgt. Nellis ==> SIR!!!  Sir!  We have a BIG problem here!
Gen. Vinh ==> I hope you're joking Nellis... go ahead.
TSgt. Nellis ==> Our scanners are showing another power source.
                 It appears to be gaining power. Judging by the
                 specs, intel believes that the Doomsday Device
                 has been activated!
Cpl. Dakuit ==> No!!!  Come on!  We just won!  How can this be happening!?
Gen. Vinh ==> Stand down corporal!  Damn!  Ok... We have to act fast!
Gen. Vinh ==> <Player>, you have to find a way to stop that device!
              We have very little time!

The explosion will damage you slightly, heal up if needed. You now have only 10 minutes to save Apok Darr!

NOTE: Make sure you drop everything you're carrying before proceeding, including your credits!

Now, head: se, s. This is a dead end, but you can destroy the blast wall with your last bomb: drop bomb, set bomb, n, and wait for a distant explosion. Then: s, enter, 2u, exa case, get axe, d, exa computer, press button, d, exa tank, rupture tank.

Rupturing the tank will kill you! But it's only a soft death... You will eventually wake up in the Emergency Room in the Command Center. The doctor will give you an elevator codekey and you will be the hero that saved all life on Apok Darr!


You can now retrieve your equipment from Chayuuk Mountain. When you get to the subway floor of the Nyoprol building, you will discover that you can now use an Express Transport to get to and from the mountain, so you don't have to use the slow transportation droids any longer!

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