Adornment guide

On this page you will find a list of links to adornments. You can get adornments for doing special things in the game and adornments show when you look at a player (they give an extra line of description).

Adorns from Missions

Adorns from Minis

Adorns from Monsters

  • <name> has faced and defeated the master of masters : The Dark Jedi!
  • <name> professionally crushed Xyros' genetically modified arse.
        Now -that- is what we call: Kick butt!
  • <name> doesn't flinch a muscle at the sight of a Darktrooper!
  • <name> eats thermal detonators like candy. (BLAST PROOF) (IG-88)
  • <name> emits an aura of FEAR, you can almost touch it.
  • <name> has been pistol whipped by Boba Fett!
  • <name> has Black Blood in its veins; it reigns supreme in this MUD.
  • <name> has conquered the metallic darkness of another dimension.
        Its footsteps seem to echo with the screams of hounds.
  • <name> has fought long and hard against Jadagyyl Muur, and won!
  • <name> has fought and killed Overkill.
        There is an imprint on its hand.
  • <name>'s skin is as COLD and IMPERVIOUS as ICE...
        for Overkill's attacks have bounced HARMLESSLY off his body...
  • When the planets stop moving, and time ends, <name>
        will sit by the side of the gods. The power in him is unmatched
        by any mortal. The imprint burns like a star on his hand.
  • <name> has large scars and a proud look in its eyes. It has killed GARGA.
  • <name> has learned the maniacal secrets of Cookie-Cutter murder!
  • <name> has no regard for law, and has taken justice into its own hands.
  • <name> has shown it is either very brave or very stupid.
  • It mercilessly slaughtered Quatra Velle, the mate of Rapture.
  • <name> has a blood red tattoo of a grim reaper on his shoulder. It has the words Krul the Slayer underneath it.
  • <name> is a Child of the Lightning, a banisher of Dark Fire.
  • <name> is a fearsome warrior, for it has completed the Circle of Sith and killed all of the Assassins within.
  • <name> is a true, tough explorer!
        It can handle anything it finds. Even 8 foot spiders!
  • <name> is missing its left arm! There is nothing but a bloody stump!
  • <name> is the very essence of evil; it is in the Dark Side's cold embrace.
  • <name> is truly fire-proof! It saw an Ammudian Ikkyarukk suffer and die!
  • <name> is protected by the ancient spirit of Luman Ta.
  • <name> is your greatest *** NIGHTMARE ***
        For it has battled, survived and even beaten: Arsenal, The Living Weapon.
  • <name> kicked the living sh*t out of IG-88!
  • <name> killed a wild cat again and again and again and AGAIN...
  • <name> likes to kill innocent people.
  • <name> looks at you with supreme arrogance and says:
        'IG-88 WHO?'
  • <name> needs no weapon to scrap a little Assassin droid (IG-88).
  • <name> once beat a whole squad of stormtroopers in a terrible fight!
        It died only X times killing it!
        or It did not even die by the Stormtrooper Squad!
  • <name> points at itself braggingly and exclaims:
        WHO THE HELL NEEDS BEAMS!!! X IG-88 kills!
  • <name> proudly carries form #351-a-c9, version 3.
  • <name> seems to follow your every move like a cat... a Copycat.
  • <name> stopped the _ e t e r n a l _ bragging of Dash Rendar!
  • <name> suffered major brain damage by killing The Jedi Master on Honoghr!
  • <name> tore Ravage limb from limb from limb from limb...
  • Courageous <name> has slain the mighty Q1.
  • It caused a tremor in the force by killing a Carthac Justicar.
  • It faced its worst nightmare and pure evil QEDSSJKL.
  • It has a very cool Assassin tattoo. It has a blue lightning bolt 
        blazing fiercely across the sky, under it reads: Next Victim->YOU!
  • It has an ugly blaster scar on its cheek.
  • Suicidal <name> mumbles: I hate my life. Kill me faster!
  • Terminator-killer <name> is not someone to mess with.
  • <name> has vanquished the dark Sith lord Exar Kun, and reclaimed his soul!
  • <name> has the twisted mind of a Zone 7 serial killer.
  • It is a Jedi slayer, having killed Baalt once.
  • <name> has attacked and killed the jedi knight Quibar!
  • Darth Vader fought <name> and found it to be an worthy opponent.
  • <name> really cooled down Darth Vader's temper!
  • Like a screaming light surrounded by a shroud of evil,
        <name> emerges as a force of good intentions... For now.
  • Mental instabilities wrought havoc upon <name>'s soul.
        The Dark Side is now in control.
  • <name> could kick your ass with her right leg tied behind her back!
        The Mighty <name>, capable of destroying everything, (even your mom)
        glares at you with eyes that radiate DEATH and Fire from HELL!
  • <name> stares at you with glowing red eyes... you realize with terror that
        it is a member of the Cult of Rapture!!!
  • As you look at <name>, your very soul cringes with fear.
        You have never seen a mere mortal possess such power. The
        slightest look from it would bring Rapture to its knees!
  • <name> is the number <1-5> Rapture Killer!!!
  • It gives off vibes which tell you that it is a Barney slayer.
  • Clozap's stomach just couldn't handle <name>.
  • <name> seems to have some sort of implant embedded in him!
  • The Yuuzhan Vong commanders nodded in appreciation as <name> defeated
        a terrible enemy... the one known as Qal Qawson.
  • The Yuuzhan Vong appreciated the risk <name> took in defeating
    the one known as Qal Qawson.
  • You have no idea how it was done but somehow he killed one of the mighty sithspawn!
        Bow before the master slayer who is before you
      YOUH  AVE  NOIDE A   H  OWI  TWAS    D   O   N E   B
     U       T     S   O   M E     H   O  W H  E   K IL  L
      EDO    N     E   OFTHE  MIG  HTYS  I   T H S P A W N
         !   B     O   W   B     E F     ORETH EM AS T  ER
     SLAY   ERW    H   O   I  SBE  F     O   R E   Y O   U
  • <name> has more willpower than a stubborn Yinchorri.
  • It fears no stormtrooper! 50 alone bit the dust while defending their paycheck!
  • It has fearlessly kicked desert sand into a Sith Lord's face X times!
  • Like a screaming light surrounded by a shroud of evil,
      <name> emerges as a force of good intentions... For now.
  • Mental instabilities wrought havoc upon its soul.
      The Dark Side is now in control.
  • <name> has slain Death itself, the infamous bounty hunter Calo Nord!
  • <name> forgot to check its privilege.

Adorns from Other

  • A bounty hunter in full Mandalorian Battle armour is tattooed on its shoulder.
  • <name> is a novice huntsman.
  • <name> is a hunter in training.
  • <name> is a SUPERIOR huntsman!
  • <name> is the largest P-R-E-D-A-T-O-R on ENDOR!
  • <name> is a skilled huntsman.
  • <name> is a MASTER huntsman.
  • <name> is an ULTIMATE hunter of beasts!
  • <name> is a SUPREME hunter of Endor! (xxxx Supreme Hunts)
  • <name> is _THE_ SOVEREIGN HUNTER on ENDOR!
  • It is a Human, one of billions spread throughout the galaxy.
  • It is a hulking Gamorrean, with thick green skin and a bad attitude.
  • It is an adorable Ewok, from the forest moon of Endor.
  • It is a peaceful Ithorian who respects all forms of life.
  • It is a Mon Calamari, a gentle amphibian who has taken to the stars.
  • It is a Rodian, with scaly green skin and haunting black eyes.
  • It is a Sullustan, a master of the technical skills.
  • It is a Twi'lek, a cunning being with twin head tentacles.
  • It is a huge, furred Wookiee, strong in body and will.
  • It has a rare and beautifully designed silver ring.
  • It has a rare and beautifully designed gold ring.
  • It has a rare and beautifully designed platinum ring.
  • It has a sophisticated platinum red * ruby ring.
  • It has a 7 stone ******* emerald golden ring.
  • Noble <name> is a real good sandcastle artist!
  • <name> is engaged to be married to <name>.
  • <name> is married to <name>.
  • <name> has had a fine because it drank and drove.
  • <name> is the (1st-5th) best Skyhopper Pilot on the MUD! (# kills)
  • As you study <name> you are struck with TERROR! While you try to
        face it, you realize it is the number <1-5> KILLER of the Universe!
  • <name> has red eyes and looks like a druggie.
        You believe that this person is addicted to Euh
  • <name> is the proud owner of the <bar type> on Triton.
  • It has a cool, calculating look in his eyes.
  • <name> has a tattoo saying: Luke Skywalker is a wimp!
  • <name> has a tattoo of General Liuara nude
  • <name> has a nice tattoo of Darth Vader wielding a lightsaber.

Temporary Adorns

  • It proudly wears the badge of a Mercenary recruit on the planet Crimson.
  • It proudly wears the badge of a Gamorrean recruit on the planet Crimson.
  • <name> had Q1 for breakfast and Luman Ta for lunch. You're just dessert..
  • <name> looks like a kick-ass Vader wannabe with its ominous black bucket-helmet!
  • <name> is a funky looking Twi'lek with Princess Leia buns. (The HAIR-do)
        How they ever got Princess Leia buns on a Twi'lek may never be known. (twi'lek)
  • <name> almost looks like Princess Leia with these stylish buns. (The HAIR-do)
    Well, maybe not...<name> is no Princess Leia. (human)
  • <name> has the biggest pair of Princess Leia buns you ever saw! (The HAIR-do)
    Ever wonder how long it takes to give a wookiee Princess Leia buns? :O
    It was hit with a bird dropping and smells terrible.
  • <name> looks like an EVIL MINI-TANK with the Devish Battle Armour on!
  • <name> looks as if he has graduated from Alderaan University.
  • <name> looks like a recent Zone Imperial Marine recruit.
        At least while he wears his new Imperial Marine beret.
  • <name> is working in the weapon factory on Ukio.
  • <name> is wearing a complete F.O.G. set!
  • It is wearing a suit of glowing armour!
  • It's hair stands on end, smoke gently rising from it. Her eyes bulge alarmingly
    and from time to time she twitches uncontrollably.
  • <name> survived the sarlacc!
  • The smell of death and decay surrounds it.
  • It is wearing a salmon, green, and black campaign button which reads,
        "Harvey Silverfish for Mayor of Bathos!"
  • <name>'s clothes are all wet and he smells like pee! Eeeww!
  • <name> is BAAAAAAAAAAHING like a space goat! How odd!
  • Its worn Krindoshan armour is radiating a powerful warriors glow.
  • It is wearing some strange computer contraption on his head.
  • <name> is wearing completed Biker Scout Armour!
  • <name> seems to have some sort of implant embedded in him!

Some adornments use possessives or pronouns which are dependent on your gender. In this overview, the used gender is neuter.

Miscellaneous Adorn Information

On the planet Ladriz there is a salon where you can be 'restyled' by Sechi, the stylist.  She will move any adorn from any location on your list to the bottom.  The higher the adorn on the list the more it cost to move to the bottom. The price goes up in multiples of 200, so to move the #2 adorn to the bottom would be 200 credits, to move the #69 to the bottom would be 13,600 credits.