Ladriz - Citizen of Ladriz (ht)

Points : 10
Other rewards : adornment
Static : no (random questions)
Minimum level : you need a lot of money and or goods on you (total worth 100k)
Authors : Pval, Zentel, Dcruze
Last change : question/answer added
Last modified : 28/07/2019


You can apply for citizenship on Ladriz. You need to show wealth and knowledge of the planet.


Go to the customs with at least 100,000 credits worth of money and items. Then apply for citizenship. Answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly. 

Question  & Answer:

  • How many moons does Ladriz have? 18 moons
  • How old is Charlie Kaperson? 6 years 
  • How old is the chapel? nearly a century 
  • Is the Barakel a herbivore or a carnivore? herbivore 
  • Name a Sullustan philosopher from Ather City. Pirh Ohan 
  • Name one of the treatments you can get at the hospital. Ointment
  • Name the biggest attraction outside of Meinbitz. BattleDome 
  • Name the bitchy Sullustan woman who is head of the SFRM. Gurna Tott
  • Name the Ex-Deputy Premier who has taken a liking to fishing. Old Fredo 
  • Name the extreme Imperial activist on Ladriz. Maxim
  • Name the failed colony on Ladriz. Meinbitz
  • Name the former Alliance diplomat living in Ather City. Polte Inbb
  • Name the leader of a Sullustan gang. Feech 
  • Name the LRA terrorist that bombed the legislature 10 years ago. Paul
  • Name the toftsman in the Ather City sewers. Edenp Illok 
  • Name the two LRA terrorists rumoured to be hiding in Meinbitz. Orbar and Paul
  • Name the Sullustan drill sergeant in Ather City. Yllk Veda
  • Name two places you can find a Spurkle. Dagobah and Ladriz
  • The Ladrizian ceremonial guard resembles which planet's senate guard? Czan 
  • Wendy Heisler, a New Tyneburg resident, is from which planet? Alpha Hebb
  • What animal is found on the Ladriz Global University emblem? an owl
  • What are the streets in New Tyneburg made of? (2 things) cobblestone and cement
  • What colour is the Spurkle pelt? red
  • What guild does Zed Hathersby belong to? bounty hunters
  • What is Eggert's surname (last name)? Domsyk 
  • What is the family name of the mechanics in New Tyneburg? Maughan
  • What is the name of Chris Fleet's clawdog? Jake 
  • What is Orbar's surname (last name)? Andaverkansky 
  • What is Paul's surname (last name)? Andaverkansky 
  • What is the name of the cafe in New Tyneburg? Burcheles' domain
  • What is the name of the chapel? The Ladriz Chapel of Saints
  • What is the name of the local mechanic garage in New Tyneburg? maughan's construction
  • What is the name of the monument in Tyneburg? Dester Ridge Massacre Monument 
  • What is the name of the shopkeeper's cousin? Tara
  • What is the name of the Sullustan colony on Ladriz? Ather City 
  • What is the newspaper called? The New Tyneburg Today
  • What kind of animal is a Barakel? a bear 
  • What kind of animal is a 'Graaal'? mountain-gar
  • What kind of animal is a spemdi? a dyr
  • What kind of animal is a Spurkle? a wolf
  • What precious gem did Chris Fleet use to smuggle? diamonds 
  • What planet is the species 'clawdog' from? Corellia 
  • What series is the medical assistant droid currently in the hospital? kw
  • Where does the PantoCab take you? Panto-Prime 
  • Where is the chapel? Meinbitz
  • Where might you find some cannibals on Ladriz? Sewers 
  • Which company used to have a factory in the District of Curdza? Spelf Industries
  • Who designed the chapel? Erlush Draker 
  • Who is Chris Fleet? a smuggler pilot 
  • Who is Erlush Draker? (profession) Architect 
  • Who is head of the Sullustan Smugglers' Association? Sed Pliv
  • Who is manager of the Aurorian Bank in Ather City? Galid Gopp
  • Who is the current Chancellor of Ladriz Global University? Edenius
  • Who is the graveyard shopkeeper? Gaidin
  • Who is the owner of the cafe in New Tyneburg? Burcheles 
  • Who is the Patron of the chapel? Father Belladora
  • Who is the shopkeeper in the local shop in New Tyneburg? Trey 
  • Who is the statue of in the center square of Meinbitz? Ballard Cassidy
  • Who was Ladriz's first Sullustan Premier? Daj 

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