Corona - Prepper (ef)

Points : 1
Other rewards : Credits, Guild Points, Adornment
Static : Yes
Minimum level : 1
Authors : Dcruze
Last modified : 08/07/2020


First jump to the Crimson system, then <land corona>, exit your ship and go south. You will see Moxley Gappo. Stick around to hear what he has to say:

Moxley Gappo whispers: I'm searching for my lost rolls.
Moxley Gappo says: Do you have one of my rolls?
Moxley Gappo says: Did I lose them at the lounge? I can't remember.
Moxley Gappo says: If you have one of my rolls, give it to me for a reward.
Moxley Gappo says: Did I tell you about all the great players I've met?
 Type <hoarders> and I will tell you all about it!

Head to the lounge on Corona, go n, w, s, then get all the toilet rolls here.

Now go back to Gappo; n, e, s, give roll to gappo.

That's it, you completed the mini... Congratulations!

You can repeat this task to earn some quick credits, and you will also get a few guild points if you're a smuggler.

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