Ladriz - Ladriz University (ad)

Points : 40
Other rewards : Adornment
Static : no
Minimum level : 14+ (some killing)
Authors : ?
Last change : Created page
Last modified : 14/06/2019


The figure of a silhouetted humanoid whose features are hidden, appears:

  "Please... there isn't much time.  Dark Forces are in the process of
   taking over Ladriz Global University.  Myself and another have been
   painstakingly investigating this at the risk of our careers and even
   our lives."
A loud bang sounds and the silhouetted individual jumps with fright.
  "No, please no!  I think they've found me out.  We were so close to
   exposing this corruption.  Please help us."
There is another loud bang followed by the voice of a woman:

  "You can't hide from us.  We KNOW everything.  I'll show you what a
   safe space means."   
The silhouetted figure steps back, trembling.  He turns to you again:

  "It's too late for me.  Come and find Gamda.  The takeover of Ladriz
   Global University must be stopped before they poison the minds of our
   youth.  Don't trust the Chancellor!  We NEED you."
Suddenly, there is a loud crash as if a wall or a door has been blown
inward.  Dust and debris cloud the scene and the silhouetted humanoid
is levitated and thrown before the image cuts-out.



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