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A MUD (originally Multi-User Dungeon) is a text-based, multiplayer real-time game. MUDs combine elements of role-playing games, hack and slash, player versus player, interactive fiction, and online chat. Players can read or view descriptions of rooms, objects, other players, non-player characters, and actions performed in the virtual world. Players typically interact with each other and the world by typing commands that resemble a natural language.

KoBra MUD is based in the Star Wars universe but over the years also embraced other science fiction worlds including The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Terminator, Aliens, and Total Recall. It was founded in 1991 and was soon embraced by players from around the world.

To reach KoBra MUD, download a MUD client and connect to: kobramud.org, port number 1138
Recommended MUD clients for Windows are CMUD, MUSHclient and Mudlet; for other systems, look at this page.

If you use MUSHclient, please make sure to check "Alternative inverse/highlight display" in the Output settings to ensure various ANSI art display correctly on KoBra MUD.

New players should have a look at the top pages in the Essentials section. They will teach you how to play the game.

Latest additions (updated 31/08/2023):

  • You now get DOUBLE experience and guild points during the months of January, June, July, and December!
  • Dying at a higher level is now less expensive, experiment more and try new challenges and areas!
  • KoBra's first Planetary Bank now offers a life insurance policy to help mitigate those pesky costs of dying.

  • Updated section for heals/sobers on Vanagar.
  • Update/revamp of pelthunting page for pelt hunting.. More comprehensive list and info.
  • Updated mini for Alderaan theft.
  • Added maps and directions for Honoghr planet area.
  • Added maps and directions for Honoghr Castle.
  • Added maps and directions for Endor.
  • Added maps and directions for Corona.
  • Added maps and directions for Hoth.
  • Added section for guild point kills for Bounty hunters.
  • Update of kill guide for Devaron (Maiso Taal and Valtor).
  • Added section for Bags.
  • Added more information to the Space Combat page.
  • Added a new guide for the Padamir Guild.
  • Added maps and directions for Tantore-3.
  • Added walkthrough for the Clean Yourself mini on Zone.
  • Fixed some errata, and added the walkthrough for the Save Aldaris mini on Tantore-3! (Thanks Fuji!)
  • Updated the guide for the Tantiss Treasure mini on Wayland.
  • Added a walkthrough for the Prepper mini on Corona.
  • Added two more walkthroughs for minis on Honoghr.
  • A mysterious bunker has been discovered in the Curdza district on Ladriz!
  • Become a secret agent and save Mars from Cohaagen's oppression. Visit the Total Recall Implant Vacation Agency on Triton today!
  • The woke Ladriz Global University has opened its doors to the public, but something is amiss. Will you be able to unravel the mystery and graduate?
  • Calo Nord has descended upon Tatooine. Who will prevail in a fight - You or him?
  • Do you want to strengthen your connection to the Dark or Light Side of the Force? Then go meditate at the Temple on Yavin-4 or at the Chamber of the Pool of Spirits on Vanagar, respectively.
  • Updated the walkthroughs for the Please Xyros and Decapitate Dark Jedi missions.
  • Added a walkthrough for the View History mini on Prometheus.
  • Neurosis is back from an extended vacation!
  • The walkthrough for the Judgement Day mission on Apok Darr has been updated!
  • Added walkthrough for the Space Combat missions!
  • Added a new walkthrough and map for the Project Sluicer mission on Vanagar.
  • Can you Solve the Ice Palace Maze on Tusbix and find true enlightenment?
  • The walkthroughs for the Follow the leader and Bango Blam! minis on Tatooine have been added!